Wednesday, May 13, 2009


a maple tree blossom

the attic in my dad's house

So much wood! 
My dad and some carpenters had done most the work before I got there.
All original wood by the way.

this was my little room

When I looked through Andrew Bettles photography it reminded me of a trip I took to Nova Scotia a few years ago with my dad. I had gone up there to help him restore a house he has in Lunenburg and after hours of sanding and staining 100 year old window ledges, I needed to get out and breath. Down the road from Lunenburg harbor was an inlet with a jetty that stretched out to this haunted scallop fishing cabin. Maybe it wasn't haunted and I am not quite sure what it was used for but this seafarer's structure and its golden path lured my curiosity. Unfortunately it was locked up and at some point I almost fell into the frigid water. We had a week of clouds and cold rain but it was the perfect setting for all the brilliantly colored homes and flowers beds.

- sea -


  1. That photograph of the yellow moss is brilliant. and that house was built to lure...looks haunted to me. Great images. x

  2. I got your card today! I can't believe it took over a month to get here. Thank you, I love it!