Thursday, May 7, 2009

Autumn Story

The Firekites are a local Newcastle Band and they are on constant rotation in my ears. They would probably roast marshmallows over an open fire at a beach party with Kings of Convenience, Tortoise, Stars, Midlake and other folkie ... folks. Apparently this video took almost 5 months to make...enjoy x
{I think the album is hard to get a hold of overseas, so I'm going to have to send a copy your way.}
- sky -


  1. oh wow, that was brilliant, thank you.

  2. I am constantly rehearsing in my mind words to describe how I think this blog is such an amazing and beautiful effort by two committed friends; bridging a distance many people find too daunting to even try. But nothing really seems to capture what a gorgeous page the two of you have created. I hope it never ends. xxoo
    the man who stole the sky

  3. thank you for the kind words Simon! : )