Friday, April 2, 2010

When It Rains, It Shines

In preparation for a photography exhibition I am curating in May, which will focus on the many facets of Florida, I have dug into some interesting histories. As a fourth generation Floridian of Cuban decent, I have lived atop the Everglades, the white hot streets of Miami Beach and the lake punched land in Central Florida. All of these places have roots of complex development with bitter-sweet tangles of politics and culture. I finally feel close to something I wasn't sure how to identify with. More thoughts to come...

- sea -


  1. I am forever defending the honor of that beautiful state. Since I left it 7 years ago, everywhere I've been people, especially people our age, have such nasty things to say about it. Needless to say their opinions are most always made with little to know familiarity with the state at all. Just things they've heard or one experience they had. I feel sorry for them. Boy are they missing out...

  2. Hey Jamie! agreed, you really have to have lived or grown up in Florida to know how dynamic and interesting it is. It's not really comparable to anywhere else. Hope you are well, I am planning a trip out to Austin soon to visit friends, would love to see you and catch up : ) jen

  3. I talk about Florida almost everyday, it is quite comparable to Newcastle, at least weather wise. The landscape is so unique and fascinating, no hills or mountains are a dramatic difference to anywhere here in OZ but it adds to the beauty.

    I love and miss Florida and look forward to visiting in December. xo

    I also really look forward to seeing some of the work youll be curating!