Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yawns have usually been associated with boredom, stress, nervousness or simply being tired but in fact there is no real solid reason for why we do it.
A characteristic of an empathetic person - you may yawn after seeing someone else yawn, depending on how much you are capable of appreciating other people's physiological state.
Perhaps your body is simply regulating its brain temperature, drawing in a deep breath to cool off the brain. Rats, Cats, Dogs, Snakes, Penguins and Baboons all yawn to display dominance, anger, or even to get down and make some babies.
Yawns are incredibly contagious - perhaps you've even yawned just by simply reading this.

YAWN is an exercise in executing an idea. Capturing a yawn was to capture someone's vulnerability; an intimate, distorted portrait which finds us looking quite the opposite of bored.

The exhibition is on from November 27 - December 31 at Auld and Grey and then will go on to The View Factory from January 4 - January 31 in Newcastle.

I will be making a micro-site for the exhibition soon and will keep you posted...there are 21 portraits in total. Enjoy.
- sky-


  1. Awesome! Really wish I could be there. I've yawned twice now, xo

  2. I'm sure I know the last girl pictured, what is her name?