Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photography As A Sixth Sense

I have spent the past two weeks with some really incredible kids. 

which one is the teacher?

Rose, 6th grade

Jasmine, 8th grade

Kennan, 6th grade

Valentina, 7th grade

Katrina, 8th grade

Clare, 6th grade

Karla, 6th grade

Briana, 6th grade

Aishwarya, 6th grade

Devon, 6th grade

Experiences that nourish children's creative thinking skills are at serious risk in the Florida school system, as budgets for Art Education have been drastically cut and are expected to be worse for 2010. How do we fix this? With a stimulus of creative people! 

As you already know from this blog, I love photography! I see it as a powerful tool that keeps us aware of our surroundings and ourselves through exploration and experience. Not to mention that it has become a more accessible technology that is easy to learn. Therefore, it can be used as means to get kids to actively explore the world around them and express themselves. I know I am not alone in this endeavor. There are several organizations out there that believe in this too. And so we start local...

A few months ago I approached my friend Refmann, who is a middle school history teacher in Orange county, FL, and asked him if he thought his kids would be into a photography workshop that would teach them how to create a visual narrative using photos. He replied "that sounds really cool" and with his amazing support for the project, the first Photography As A Sixth Sense Workshop came to fruition. I had the pleasure of spending time with a group of middle schoolers who proved to be enthusiastic learners and immensely creative young photographers. I wanted the workshop to go on another two weeks and I think they did too : ) Above are a few of my favorite photos from each student. I will have a website up next week with the complete narratives. 

If you are interested in learning more about this project or have info to share about similar projects, please email me

- sea -


  1. What a fantastic endeavour and such wonderful results. I am really looking forward to the website and seeing what other pics were captured through the eyes of children. I have always been of the opinion that it doesn't matter what type of equipment you use to take a photograph - it's the instant and the moment you capture that is worth seeing and projecting.

    I am so proud of you. {I'm sure your mom is too!} x

  2. That is so great! It's a great way to get a glimpse into what children find interesting and worth a second glance. This is something I would have totally been all over if the opportunity was around when I was in middle school. Nice work!