Tuesday, June 30, 2009


“I look for something else, The possibility of making them feel what each gesture means internally. Everything must come from the heart, must be lived.” - Pina Bausch

"No single label will do. Ms. Bausch was not just a green artist protesting the desecration of the environment (though that was a powerful element in her works) or a feminist depicting the opposition between women’s pain and their social conformism (though that was evident) or an expressionist emitting rage at aspects of the socio-political status quo (though the intensity of that feeling was unmistakable). In some of her pieces she seemed to be celebrating the charm of the world, not just mourning its erosion. And she was often funny."- Alastair Macaulay of NYT

Performance, especially dance theatre, is a curiosity and love that is indescribable for me as I am still learning about my fascination with the art form. Pina Bausch had a profound influence on many choreographers including one of my favorites, Sasha Waltz. I am deeply grateful for her life work and her inspiration. 

Not sure if the two ever met but I think MJ and PB would been have been an interesting team up. Might have been like a sexy shamanistic experience, lots of colors and lights moving repetitively forming a manifestation of the human condition. ok, maybe not but I think our generation has a few hard acts to follow.

- sea -

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