Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5 Days In San Francisco

San Francisco and all its goodness treated me to a magical 28th birthday. My mom and I  spent most of our time laughing and walking in circles. We must have had 4 different maps, both of us insisting we knew where we were. It was a hoot! And I got to spend some qt with my dear friends Adam, Stacy, and Randy. So much love and fun! We stayed at the Hotel Rex again ; )

Sasha Waltz and Guests were incredible, at some point my eyes were a little watery.
Blue Bottle Coffee makes the best cappuccinos outside of Europe,
William Kentridge at the SFMOMA blew my freaking mind.
Benzinger Biodynamic Winery has amazing permaculture. Located in Sonoma.
Curiouser, I tripped over some sidewalk curb art, what a pleasant surprise! 
Ferry Plaza Market, fiddlehead ferns anyone? I hope this little girl doesn't grow up and hate peaches. She was like: yeah, yeah, I am cute. Sure, take a picture. 
(oh! and check out her cute apron ladies! and of course gentlemen who grill pizza)
- sea -

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