Monday, October 3, 2011


George Chamoun does some very interesting work. Among his other bizarre and fascinating pieces are these Iconatomy collages... He isn't making any comparisons between the amalgamated stars, just very interesting how similar famous faces can be. I thought it was rad. Also, among his other thoughts and random bits and pieces is this piece of awesome:



  1. hey! What happened to my vogue video? ...

  2. I went to resize the pixels for you so it fit and the link said it was disabled by the creator so I couldn't get it back up : ( Try to post again with a different youtube user. You can resize in the html to 450 pixels wide and it usually fits the entire video.

  3. oh, dear. it's not worth re-pixelating i promise. i mean, it was a young flamboyant boy dancing like no other to Madonna's vogue with those fake 80's backgrounds but that's cool. ;) x