Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Annalemma Eight: Creation

How to Make a Bride

I am very proud of this. As a contributing writer, photographer, and designer of issue eight, this has been my most ambitious project of the year. It felt like I crossed the finished line when I received the physical magazine in my hands last week.

The issue has gotten a thoughtful review by writer/designer/illustrator Nancy Smith on the Rumpus blog. Huge thanks to Chris of Annalemma for encouraging me to take a shot at writing and for giving me the chance to be published. Get your issue here.

- sea -


  1. wow this is beautiful. Congrats!!

  2. !!! YAY! I can't wait to get my paws on this. Congratulations Jen, you are truly amazing. xoxo

  3. I remember busy, little hands meticulously putting together recycled treasured pieces of lace, soft ribbon and velcro to create a fashionable "nightie' outfit for a tiny toy bear. I still treasure that first creation.
    I remember a fiesty little girl getting ready for school and purposefully picking out her outfits, not to match, but to reflect her mood for the day. I have watched your sensitive, artistic, and soulful spirit evolve. More importantly, your heart, like your art, is pure and authentic. I am not only proud, but honored to call you my daughter.


  4. I just cried reading what your mother wrote.x

  5. aww, she's the sweetest. Wish you could have seen her booty dancing at Dana's bday party. She's amazing. xo