Monday, August 10, 2009

E. Wallman In Australia

It turns out this raconteur is as skillful in photography as he is slinging rotten fruit across parking lots, disguising nutella on your doorknob, or making you collapse in laughter telling his collection of amazing stories. I've picked out a few pretty images that I like from his trip, but to get the full sense of his point-of-view visit the pharaohchin. (I am not sure if Eric was in your neck of the woods. Recognize some of the places?)

- sea -


  1. That Flickr page is so rad! I had no idea Eric was out here - it looks like he spent some time up north though. Sad about all the Kangaroos he captured as road the photos make you want to come on an adventure down under?


  2. When did you post this? I just found it today. Anyway, that mixed shot on the bottom was accidental--the film only wound halfway forward.