Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Morbids

Although the majority of my time is spent looking at and admiring really beautiful and dreamy illustrations, sometimes you come across something so ridiculously dark yet somehow humorous, you just have to share it. M. Mararian has created a series of illustrations called "Inky Dreadfuls" and they are indeed dreadful & shocking yet I couldn't stop looking. These are two examples from the "Phobia" section - Fear of the color Yellow and Fear of Clouds. Who knew?
I'm curious as to how you'll take them... xo



  1. Pupaphobia! ahhhhhh!!!!! Has to be my fav

  2. and thank you for posting this, I think mr. erickson needs to visit this one.

  3. why do i love these? The expression of the little girl on the tricycle being chased by the bear? so good!

  4. not anonymous! gabi, damn it!